AI in the Workplace: Developing Skills for the Unknown Future – Part II

AI in the Workplace: Developing Skills for the Unknown Future – Part II

So, this is where it gets even more interesting in my opinion. Knowing that there will be jobs in a few years that don’t currently exist, how do we acquire the skills we’ll need to do those jobs? When what we need to know is changing faster than formal education or long-term training can keep up with, how do we keep up as business owners or employees?

About 56% of respondents in the Dell survey from last week speculate that schools will need to teach how to learn rather than what to learn in order to prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist. Think of it this way: how many people had heard of a “data scientist” five years ago? How many companies had “AI engineer” as a job title? What else is coming down the pipeline that very few, if any, of us are aware of?

There are so many potential avenues for exploding technological advances. Check out this one from the MIT Technology Review: Google’s self-training AI turns coders into machine-learning masters

In the article, Fei-Fei Li, a chief scientist at Google Cloud “estimates there are at most a few thousand people worldwide with the expertise needed to build the very best deep-learning models. ‘But there are an estimated 21 million developers worldwide today,’ she says. ‘We want to reach out to them all, and make AI accessible to these developers.’”

Fascinating stuff

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