Feature Focus: Email and Text Notification

Feature Focus: Email and Text Notification

To kick off 2016, I decided to start a new section of my blog about generic features of your package tracking software, campus logistics system or business process management system. I will pick a feature and then explain what it is, how it works and the benefits of using that feature. For this post, I’m going to talk about email and text notifications.

The email and text notification service is typically a standard feature that automatically creates customizable email and SMS/Text messages to alert users and managers of routine or exceptional changes in the status of a tracked item. The service can email or text recipients when an item is in transit or awaiting pickup as well as alert Purchasing when a recent order has arrived in a damaged state. The notification service launches automatically and is ready for use at any time.

How it Works

As most package tracking systems track the steps of a process, each step has a different ‘status’. When an item hits a flagged status corresponding to a particular point in the process, the service generates an email or text. For instance, to alert a recipient an item is on its way to their desk, a user may simply flag the ‘Out for Delivery’ status as their ‘Email’ status. Once configured, each time an item hits that status, an email or text is triggered.

Benefits and Uses

  • Multiple delivery service levels are common within mail centers. The email/text notification service allows the various groups to be informed of their item status with unique messages.
  • Calls to the mail center are substantially reduced when recipients are notified of anticipated delivery times.
  • The service helps bring attention to the variety of services provided by the mail center. The mail center has the opportunity to include additional information in the messages, such as mail center hours and data about other services it offers.

Make sure to check back to learn about additional features in your tracking software. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit my company’s website at web.sclogic.com.

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