Employee Tracking

Employee Tracking

Although commonly referred to as “package” tracking software, anything with a unique ID can be accounted for with help from the right software provider. Take employees as an example. Do you need to keep track of employees coming in and out of the office? Do they have a badge with a barcode? Put those badges to use and either scan or swipe them into your tracking software.

In some cases organizations will require their employees to park off-site and use a shuttle to get to their offices. If each shuttle driver is equipped with a mobile scanner, he/she can scan the different stops and people picked up at those locations. With one scan you can record information such as a time/date stamp, route, and all employee information (name, department, phone number, etc.). All of this information can be used to generate reports in order to see how many stops were made, what times those stops were made, and how many passengers were transported.

Tracking software can be used for numerous applications, so take a look at your processes, what you want to keep tabs on, and how you want to use the resulting metrics to improve how you and your people work. It’s important to do your research on the different software providers out there to find the best fit.

Make sure to tune in to my next blog posts to learn about additional uses for your tracking software. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit my company’s website at web.sclogic.com.

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