Frequently Asked Questions: Browser Client with Desktop Client

Frequently Asked Questions: Browser Client with Desktop Client

This post is part of the Frequently Asked Questions section of my blog. I will pick a frequently asked question and then explain what it is, how it works and the benefits of using that component or feature. For this post, I’m going to answer three quick questions, the first being: “Can I implement a Browser Client if I’m already using a Desktop Client?”

Yes, both software solutions can be installed in the same environment and connect to the same database to work side-by-side in third party hosted environments.

“In what situations would I use both software applications together?”

There are a few use cases where using both applications in tandem might prove beneficial. If you only need the customizations features of a Desktop Client on one or two workstations, you can install the Browser Client on the remainder of your processing workstations to simplify the deployment and maintenance of your package tracking software as well as streamline costs. Similarly, you may want to install the Browser Client on a few workstations for a singular focus. For example, one workstation can act as a search tool and one can display up-to-date analytics to ensure delivery personnel are adhering to SLA requirements.

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