How is your facility ramping up to support the holiday hustle?

How is your facility ramping up to support the holiday hustle?

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, we all have a lot going on this time of year. Between the big stuff like wrapping up Q4 projects and planning next year’s goals, there’s also a lot we in the mailroom and facility industries must do to help support others, am I right?

Facility managers have inventory coming in and going out, moving left and right, up and down, and everywhere in between. Asset counts need to be assessed, sold, and maybe destroyed if they’re perishable. Workspaces are being reevaluated and redistributed to better suit employee needs. Repro shops are going nuts with year-end print materials like student papers, winter marketing campaigns, and company holiday cards. The influx of visitors presents its own set of security concerns.

Mailroom managers have an insane amount of mail and packages coming through the facility this time of year! Students buy everything online and their parents are sending care packages to those not heading home. Companies are seeing an increase of personal packages coming to the office since employees are shipping to work to avoid Porch Pirates in their neighborhoods.

Simply exhausting, but we’ll get through it with a smile.

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