Behind the Music: making sense of the IWMS and CAFM enigma

Behind the Music: making sense of the IWMS and CAFM enigma

As we boldly go where many others have gone before, we continue to have a deceptively simple question that doggedly eludes a definitive answer. What is the difference between IWMS and CAFM? And we’re not alone. Competitive and agnostic research have uncovered plenty of ambiguous, half-baked opinions, but nothing we can call our North Star definition. Other vendors bypass the quandary by choosing to identify themselves as an “IWMS/CAFM” solution…way to avoid the topic guys! So, in SCLogic fashion we decided to make up our own definition and test it. Will it make sense out in the wild? Let’s start finding out now…

Computer Aided Facility Management (aka CAFM): a software platform that manages your facility’s space and the items that move within it. CAFM software typically integrates or works alongside other software applications to fully manage all logistical and financial aspects of a building.

Integrated Workplace Management Software (aka IWMS): a software platform that does all the above, plus manages energy and sustainability, capital planning and projects, construction, landscaping, maintenance, lease administration, and real estate. It’s generally the only software needed to completely manage an organization’s property portfolio, excluding perhaps an ERP system.

For those of you that are new to the space, does this make sense?

For those familiar with the niche, do these concepts align with your understanding of what these fields are supposed to represent?

Would love to get your thoughts! Over and out.


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