Ready Or Not, Here Comes The Machines

Ready Or Not, Here Comes The Machines

The folks over at Facility Executive just published an article that discusses the gap between employees at “technology laggard” organizations and those at “technology leader” organizations. More specifically, the article addresses the feelings employees experience when using old vs new technology.

The study by Unisys Corporation found that 51% of employees using older technology expressed frustration when doing their jobs compared to only 6% of employees at “technology leader” organizations. Employees that are forced to use “outdated” technology are 450% more likely to want to leave their job and seek employment elsewhere.

With technology becoming more engrained into our daily lives, it makes you begin to wonder when it’s too much; and is being on the leading edge always a good thing? The same study found 39% of those at “technology leaders” believe their jobs could be replaced within the next five years by continued machine automation.

It is certainly an interesting article, feel free to check it out!

How do you feel about the technology in your workplace? Does it slow you down because it’s outdated or do you feel in danger of being replaced by it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

One thought on “Ready Or Not, Here Comes The Machines

  1. Using old technology leaves 450% (LOL) of us wanting to leave our jobs? Yes, Our team is rampant in that %. I feel that overwhelming pain. Luckily and FINALLY we will be updating and I can keep my employees for at least another 10 years.. Yes, that’s how outdated we were until last week. Running version 5.5.2 when the world is at 7.4 really is frustrating. The tech support at SCLogic has been fantastic, but I can hear the newer guys asking for Booster or Swilley to try to figure out our issues. I’m sure they will celebrate along with us next month when we finally get the new goods..

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