National Postal Forum Recap

National Postal Forum Recap

Whenever I travel to tradeshows, I like to give a quick recap of the show as it pertains to SCLogic. In this post, I’m going to recall some of the highlights of the 2017 National Postal Forum.

Tradeshow Turnout

The turnout for the National Postal Forum was significantly higher than the past few years. It seems that people are traveling and continuing to see a benefit to tradeshows. The emphasis on education could be the reason tradeshows are making such a comeback. At NPF, attendees were able to attend all sorts of educational tracks taught by leading mailing industry professionals. SCLogic’s Bruce Little even led a popular track about unifying campus logistics and processes. By attending these tracks, attendees could earn certificates in various areas of expertise.

Local Tradeshows

Local tradeshows are fun in the sense that they let you do some things you normally wouldn’t be able to do if you were traveling. NPF was in Baltimore, MD this year; only a 30-minute drive from SCLogic’s headquarters in Annapolis, MD. We decided that we really wanted to showcase our local roots by giving away SCLogic crab mallets, having the Baltimore Oriole Bird in our booth, and by taking customers and prospects to a Baltimore Orioles baseball game at Camden Yards.

Best Giveaway

Tradeshow giveaways are important. You want to pick something that people will actually use after they’ve left the show. So, over the winter we overhauled our tradeshow giveaways and debuted several new items at NPF – crab mallets, EOS lip balm, and mint tins. The most popular item was the EOS lip balm – a staple for anyone who travels.


In the past, people used to come to tradeshows to see demos of your product because they either couldn’t do it online or it was just plain easier to do it in person. Today, that is not the case. We set-up two full demo stations at NPF and I think we only gave a handful of real full-length demos. Most prospects wanted to schedule a personal demo after the conference once they were back in their offices.

Live Interview

SCLogic’s Bruce Little was interviewed live during the National Postal Forum in Baltimore, MD by Bloomberg Radio. Bruce had the opportunity to explain why Intra Enterprise is so valuable and why it can help so many companies, both large and small, define and automate their campus logistics processes. Overall, it was an outstanding experience for Bruce to be able to openly speak to such a large audience and explain the value of tracking mail, packages, service requests, assets,
people, and files throughout a facility.

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