Mutual Fund Payments, Bank Pouch and Payroll Tracking

Mutual Fund Payments, Bank Pouch and Payroll Tracking

It’s remarkable to see the growth of tracking solutions from the 90’s to now. I’ve witnessed this software go from predominantly tracking packages to now supporting the logistics of entire business campuses. If your inbound package tracking system doesn’t have the ability to track accountable item workflows, it may be time for a change.

Of the various tracking applications available, one in particular might be a bit more valuable than the rest. I’m talking about tracking money. Leading transfer agents, as well as major U.S. banks, use package tracking software to track mutual fund payments and cash transfers from location to location.

The right vendor will allow the integration of additional hardware not typically used for standard package tracking, such as an optical scanner for keeping digital records of checks. Tracking bank pouches between several locations is another way to use your package tracking software. With something so valuable at risk, it’s crucial to have time/date stamps as well as signatures to ensure proof of delivery to the bank site.

Configurable and flexible software is key to providing service to several different applications.

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