Sustainability…not just another hokey green theme

Sustainability…not just another hokey green theme

It shouldn’t be any secret that sustainable practices in the workplace are beneficial for the environment and community, but you may or may not know that wearing the green halo can also benefit your company. This is a great time for facility managers to show leadership by bringing ideas that can reduce operational costs and demonstrate a desire to put the company in the best light possible.

Last week I attended a lunch and learn hosted by IFMA’s Capital Chapter that addressed Sustainability for the Facility Manger and it raised some great points I thought I’d share:

  • Take the time to do an energy audit: there’s so much data being obtained by your systems, take a look at it to see what’s working and where you can save. Read: How to Do a Basic Energy Audit
  • Implement a light schedule: it sounds so simple, but you’d be surprised how often the lights get kept on at night or over the weekend by late working staff or the janitorial crew. Set them to automatically turn off at a time when you think everyone should be out of the building and keep track of the difference it makes in your energy bill.
  • Streamline your waste management: do you need trash cans in all those locations? Do you have centralized recycling baskets with clear disposal directions? Did you know that 30% of all recycled items are thrown into the landfill because they aren’t discarded properly? Do your employees know what the recycling policy even is? Examine your processes and see where you can consolidate and clarify and keep track in your handy in-building logistics software! Watch the webinar: Strategic Waste Management planning under the EPA’s new regulations

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