Theme Park Tracking

Theme Park Tracking

For the past few months, I decided to discuss unique applications where package tracking software can be used. My hopes are to open your eyes to the endless possibilities available to anyone using a reputable package tracking system. This month, I’d like to take a look at the behind-the-scenes work at theme parks and the additional ways they can use internal tracking software.

Two of the biggest items to track at theme parks are tickets and roller coaster parts. Because tickets are returned and reissued to other patrons, it is crucial to track and document the touch points for each individual ticket. From the time tickets are returned, you can report on where the tickets were received, when they were relocated to a vault and ultimately whether or not they were reissued or destroyed in a shredder.

Some of the most exciting attractions for most theme parks are roller coasters. In order to keep them up and running, it’s crucial to keep a surplus of parts on hand for repairs and routine maintenance. Barcoding each piece allows the tracking software to scan and track each part through its lifecycle at the park. You can track any part starting from the time it is dropped off by a courier to the time it is actually installed on the coaster.

From tickets to roller coasters, working with the right tracking software allows theme parks to run smoothly from open to close. Tune in next month to learn about additional uses for your package tracking software.

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