Where does the time fly? Take a minute to think mindfully at work

Where does the time fly? Take a minute to think mindfully at work

The middle of the year often means not only are you (hopefully) taking a much-needed vacation, you are also gearing up to tackle big year-end projects within your organization or are already in the midst of installing or integrating new technology in time for the return of students for the fall semester. The risk of letting your mind run away with distractions increases when things heat up at work, decreasing your productivity and sometimes diminishing the overall enjoyment with your job. This article from the Harvard Business Review seems a timely reminder, with tips on how to stop mindlessly going about our day and rediscover our purpose and sense of well-being.

One of the big takeaways I had was that recognizing the value in what you do at work, both for yourself and your company, brings purpose and direction to your role and responsibilities. Magnify that idea to every action you take inside those walls (not easy) and you have a seriously powerful recipe for getting your projects done and feeling great while doing them.

Another point I liked was talking to your boss about it. They might very well have insight into your strengths, role, and the organization’s goals that will even further your mind power. Turn to your inner project manager and create that inner roadmap to prioritize and keep you on track and ditch those habits that bring your attention away from the end goal.

Easy, right? Yeah right! Read more about what you can do: Stop Mindlessly Going Through Your Work Day

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